Ezra Henry

Steps to Write a 500-Word Essay - 2021 Guide

Writing essays for different classes and subjects is something that every student has to go through. This is easily your teacher’s favorite task to assign. As it gives them a chance to evaluate not only your writing skills but your understanding of the subject and critical analysis abilities.

The most frequently assigned essay is the 500-word essay; it sounds like a simple task but there’s a lot that goes into it. Sometimes, it gets a bit tricky to convey all of your thoughts when there’s a word count limit.

However, it isn’t impossible to write – with proper planning and by following the right Essay Writing Service, you can come up with an impressive 500-word essay. Don’t just skip straight to the writing part, start by the following steps:

Brainstorm an Interesting Topic

In order to write anything, you obviously need a strong topic. If you’ve been given the liberty of choosing your own topic, then use it to your advantage. Picking a topic that you are passionate to write on is so much better than a boring topic that you aren’t interested in at all.

Conduct Extensive Research

The only time you face trouble writing a paper is when you have nothing to say about the topic. To avoid that from happening, you must always carry out thorough research on your chosen topic.

Go through different sources such as scholarly articles, journals, research papers, etc. and gather data. Make sure that you go through credible sources to collect facts and evidence.

Create an Outline

The trick of making your writing assignments easier is to start with a Write My Paper. It helps keep you on track and gives your writing a logical flow. For a 500-word essay, the outline usually has an introduction, three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph.


The introduction serves as a motivator for the reader making them want to continue reading the paper. To achieve that, you must include a hook sentence, some background information on the essay and a thesis statement.

The hook sentence is an interesting attention grabber related to the topic. It can be anything from an anecdote, question to a fact, or a statistic depending upon the type of essay and topic.


The body of your essay holds the most of the information regarding the topic. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that presents its summary. Next, you should state some supporting opinions and back them up with authentic proof.

All paragraphs must have consistency and use transitions. Also, each paragraph should discuss a separate and unique idea or point.


The last section of your Paper Writing Service gives a sense of completion and closure to the reader. Use it to highlight the main points of the essay and give the reader a course of action that they can follow.

Get Rid of All Errors

The last step after you are done writing the draft using the defined outline is to make it perfect. Students often make the mistake of directly submitting their essays without proofreading them. Always revise your paper at least twice, look for obvious spelling and grammatical errors.

This was everything you needed to know about crafting an interesting 500-word essay. However, some students have a difficult time with such assignments either because they don’t possess good writing skills, or don’t have the time to complete their college essay writing service.

If you have a similar problem, then I’ll tell you a way out – professional help. Get in touch with an expert essay writing service online and they will cater to all of your write my essay needs. Don’t turn in a poorly-structured assignment when help is easily available.