Naatsis'aan Community School, Inc.

We are a K-8th grant school that operates in Navajo Mountain, Utah on the Navajo Nation. The key purpose was to increase parent participation in school settings on behalf their children and also to create employment for local practitioners. Presently, the NaaTsis’Aan Community School is recognized as a Grant School by the Division of Dine Education of the Navajo Nation with four Board of Directors elected by the Navajo Mountain Chapter community. The NaaTsis’Aan Community School has on average of one hundred ten to one hundred thirty students; some are in residential program setting and others are bused in on daily basis. Not only does the school serve the local students, but also reaches out to surrounding Navajo Chapter Communities to service Navajo students. Next to NaaTsis’Aan Community School is Navajo Mountain High School operated by San Juan School District in the State of Utah. Many of the students advance to Navajo Mountain High School after they complete their eighth grade education at the community school. Currently, the community school serves students from kindergarten to eighth grade, whom continue their education at other schools that provides high school level services.