California State University Dominguez Hills

Department of Psychology

The College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences is one of six main instructional academic units of the university. The Psychology Department, an academic unit within the college, offers its students the option to pursue a wide variety of areas in the study of human and animal behavior while simultaneously providing a solid foundation in research and scientific aspects of the field of psychology.  For students with a general interest in psychology, many of our courses are fundamental in understanding oneself and relating to others more effectively. At the undergraduate level, the Department of Psychology provides opportunity for the study of different aspects of the field. At the graduate level, the Department of Psychology provides the option to pursue the MA in Psychology with a focus on clinical psychology or health psychology. For undergraduate and graduate students interested in the research and scientific aspects, courses on the application of the scientific method to the study of human and animal behavior are offered. For those with applied interests, courses relating to counseling, clinical, and health psychology as well as behavioral medicine, industrial and organizational psychology, computers, and service in community agencies are offered.

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