Antioch University

Founded in 1852, our first president – politician, abolitionist, and education reformer – Horace Mann, sought to build an Antioch whose education inspired students to seek a more socially just world. Today’s Antioch remains firmly committed to nonsectarian, co-educational pathways to innovation and progress – as originally intended.

In the 1920s, President Arthur E. Morgan advanced the Antioch method of empowerment further through the introduction of a structured curriculum of co-op learning – education in tandem with practice, in the community. Recognizable today in higher education as their new “Experiential Learning” programs. Here at Antioch, it’s long been integrated into every study as a critical learning structure.

In fact, educating to fuel positive, progressive change in the world encompasses all of Antioch’s methods, goals, and attitudes. A mission still inspires our intentional outreach to underserved communities with more effective and accessible methods of learning. We meet students where they are and measure success based on personal growth. By removing the traditional barriers to learning – we continue making a real difference.

As a result, Antioch alumni emerge unafraid to promote innovation in any discipline, conscious of context, and rooted in common dialogue. To us, doing nothing is not an option.

Antioch University now spans coast-to-coast with online and low-residency locations, sharing progressive values aligned in a mutual mission to educate the next generation of those determined to win victories for humanity.