Western Watersheds Project

Western Watersheds Project is a non-profit environmental conservation group that works to influence and improve public lands management throughout the western United States in order to protect native species and conserve and restore the habitats they depend on.  Our primary focus is on the negative impacts of livestock grazing, including harm to ecological, biological, cultural, historic, archeological, scenic resources, wilderness values, roadless areas, Wilderness Study Areas and designated Wilderness.

Western Watersheds Project was founded in 1993 and has 1,500 members.  We cover 250 million acres of public land spanning all of the western states and we have field offices in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.

Jan 17, 2023
Full time
$73,491 yearly
Western Watersheds Project Remote (Boise, ID, USA)
IDAHO DIRECTOR Western Watersheds Project seeks an Idaho Director to continue and expand upon WWP’s campaign to protect and restore public lands and wildlife in Idaho, with an emphasis on livestock grazing and its related environmental problems. The position will entail administrative and legal oversight of federal decisions, fieldwork, data collection and analysis, participation in agency planning processes, media outreach and legislative advocacy. The ideal candidate will be highly organized, self-motivated, be able to synthesize and understand ecological and biological concepts, and have strong written and oral communication skills. JOB DUTIES: • Coordinate and develop WWP’s public lands and wildlife protection efforts in Idaho and work with current staff on existing projects and threats posed by domestic cattle and sheep grazing on public lands across the West; • Submit public comments and appeals of environmentally harmful agency decisions; • Engage in discussions with the...