Southeast Conservation Corps

Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC) operates conservation service programs throughout the Southeast that focus on meeting the needs of the natural landscapes while empowering people to cultivate compassion, responsibility, and grit through community service, hard work, and environmental stewardship. We provide members with impactful opportunities through a unique set of programs that engage people in meaningful education and service to their communities and natural landscapes. Since each program is purposeful in design, positions may vary in length, location, focus, and populations served.

Our office is located in Chattanooga, TN, nestled between the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains. This ideal location allows Southeast Conservation Corps to engage a diverse population of people in a broad range of conservation service projects and recreation opportunities within some of the oldest and most biologically diverse forests in the eastern United States.

SECC is a program of Conservation Legacy. Conservation Legacy also supports other regional offices that serve local communities including Southwest Conservation Corps, Arizona Conservation Corps, Appalachian Conservation Corps, Conservation Corps New Mexico, Conservation Corps North Carolina, Stewards Individual Placement Program, and Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps.