Lake Superior State University

Lake Superior State University’s Academic Programs Go Beyond The Traditional Classroom By Offering Real-World, Hands-On, Engaged Learning Within A Unique Campus Setting.

Lake Superior State University promotes diversity, inclusion, and belonging that respects and celebrates the uniqueness of its students, staff, and faculty. We embrace our responsibility to create a culturally relevant space where people feel heard and welcomed. Our policies and practices must be person-centered, equitable, and coordinated across campus to promote a culture of inclusion, safety, and belonging. We especially must support, uplift, and empower underrepresented and marginalized groups. Through curricular, co-curricular experiences, and extracurricular experiences, we train students to think critically, communicate effectively, and display professional and ethical behavior. We embrace the concepts of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We commit ourselves to a rich, vibrant campus community that enhances the overall student experience, enriches students’ learning, and creates constant moments of encounter and interaction with new worldviews, backgrounds, and perspectives. We believe that these experiences transform students and instill in them the knowledge, empathy, skills, and self-confidence to persist in their educational pursuits toward their long-term goals.