Although The Home for Little Wanderers began as an orphanage in 1799, today’s Home provides over 25 critical programs, including behavioral and mental health services, therapeutic residential care, family treatment and support, foster care and adoption, special education and programs for older youth aging out of the system.

This comprehensive breadth of support has its roots in five child welfare organizations: Boston Children’s Services, The New England Home for Little Wanderers, Parents’ and Children’s Services, Charles River Health Management and Wediko Children’s Services.

Today, The Home for Little Wanderers’ singular focus remains on helping children achieve independence and success from seemingly insurmountable difficulties – just as it has been for more than two centuries. We approach our work with equal parts caring, commitment and enthusiasm, and we understand that the good we have been able to do has been possible through the dedication of our donors, staff, colleagues and the communities in which we serve.