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American History Essay Topic Ideas

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of International Arbitration Process.

According to cheap essay help service this paper presents an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the international arbitration process. This process is presented in an outline form.

The United States, in its treatment of prisoners of war from Afghanistan, is clearly violating the Geneva Conventions. From the end of World War II until very recently, the United States has maintained an international posture as that of the keeper of laws and order. While we continue to act as the world's cop, the United States is in danger of destroying that which has made it such a strong nation - our integrity. It is the purpose of this essay to demonstrate that by treating all "detainees" from Afghanistan under rules governing terrorists rather than those of Prisoners Of War as defined under the Geneva Conventions, the United States is effectively making null rules that help to make the inhumane human, to make the damages of war a little less brutal. The United States is making a mistake, one that it cannot afford. 

  • African American Women During the Civil War Era.

This paper is about African American women during the civil rights era. The civil rights era in American history was a period of tremendous growth for many minority groups, not the least of which was African-American women. The contributions made by African-American women during this period range had an enormous impact both on the struggles within the civil rights movement and advancements on the entrepreneurial landscape. The contributions made by these that are still being felt in America, and all over the world, today. The following ten women are but a few shining examples of how African-American women during the civil rights era paved the road for the generations of women that would follow, and many more to come.

  • Agriculture in the Prehistoric American Southwest

This undergraduate paper examines agriculture in the prehistoric American Southwest and analyzes how the advent of agriculture was affected by the desert climate. The author notes that due to dry desert conditions, ancient peoples such as the Hohokam and Anasazi had to dig canals or water channels to irrigate their crops. The climate of this region was relatively harsh and the growing season fairly short, but Anasazi and Hohokam agriculture were generally efficient even though they developed under the perpetual threat of drought.

  • Alabama & Virginia: Demographic and Budgetary Analysis

This paper shall examine several characteristics of the states of Alabama and Virginia. This examination will consider demographic information (age, gender, race, education, economic facts) and analyze that information based on the respective states’ budgets. From that, conclusions will be drawn regarding the quality of life in each state as well as possible futures for each state.

  • Alabama State Constitution of 1901: Review.

This undergraduate paper explains the facts and details associated with the Alabama State Constitution of 1901. The 1901 Constitution was more a code of laws than a framework for government, as the Legislature retained near complete control over local affairs, making necessary hundreds of amendments over the succeeding decades. Use statistics help to find good facts and supporting ideas.

  • Albany: The Birth Of An American Economy.

This is a paper on the history of Albany that covers the complete historical perspective and the developments over the years.

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