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How To Get A Girlfriend Online

As if hooking up wasn’t already confusing enough, the Internet now offers yet another way to meet people, so it doesn’t hurt to know how to get a girlfriend online. It’s not that bad an idea when you think about it. You get to pick from a broader range of people who don’t know your shortcomings yet, you get more options overall and, who knows, you might just find a keeper.

Find a site that interests you.

Your first thought might be a dating site but that’s not really your best bet. Not that there aren’t good girlfriend possibilities on dating sites but there’s also the pressure of being there to "find someone." Instead, pick a site that’s about your interests, some place you’d go even if you weren’t looking for a girlfriend online. Everyone will be more relaxed if the goal is to enjoy the interest rather than to score a date.

Create a profile on the site.

Chicks read profiles; it’s a fact. If someone is interested in you, she’ll want to know more about you. Reading a profile is a good way for her to get some information without making a commitment. Use your profile to attract good girlfriend material by filling it out in detail. If you can be amusing at the same time, so much the better.

Add your picture if the site offers that option.

If there’s no place for an image, use your picture as your avatar. Pick something that shows your unique qualities, whatever they are, instead of something that makes you look boring, dweeby or insane. The one of you crossing your eyes while trying to get whipped cream off your nose with your tongue probably will only attract a special sort of woman. Save it, along with the ones of you in minimal clothing, and use a nice but neutral image of yourself.

Get involved in the site.

Whether it’s social networking or a forum, make your presence known. Introduce yourself, start a discussion, answer a question. Do whatever the site requires to get started. Then, interact with the other people on the site and follow up when you get responses. Eventually a possible girlfriend will catch your eye, or vice versa.

Go from there.

Just like meeting people face to face, when you’re going about finding a girlfriend online you have to get to know each other first.  Because you went to a site about something you both enjoy, you’ll already have a common interest. You can build from there with instant messages or e-mail. If you relax and have fun while you communicate with your new interest, your next online exploration might just see you getting a girlfriend.