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Tips to Write the Best Conclusion for Your College Essay

A conclusion is the final paragraph of any custom essay piece. A writer summarizes all the key points of the essay in this section.

Similarly, it also restates the thesis statement that gives a sense of closure to the audience. It is considered as the last chance of the author to persuade the reader about his point of view. The main purpose is to conclude it in a way that gives a sense of completeness.

Lastly, it serves as the last impression. Thus, use this chance wisely.

How to Write A Good Conclusion Paragraph?

The writer must think of a thesis statement when writing a concluding paragraph. Here we have discussed some important elements that you should consider to start a conclusion.

Take help from the introduction. If it is up to the mark, rewrite and use it in your last paragraph. Also, link the conclusion to the introduction by restating a keyword.

There are cases where you write essays on complex topics with more than three body paragraphs. Such scenarios take out the crux and write in the conclusion. It will help to highlight all the central arguments.

A writer should engage the readers with something to think about even after they’re done reading. Moreover, he should also suggest a course of action that will leave a strong impact on your essay.

Other Essential Tips

Below mentioned are some essential tips to consider while writing a conclusion. These include:

  • Topic Sentence

The most effective strategy to start a conclusion is to rephrase the thesis statement. It should contain the same idea but with different wordings.

  • Supporting Sentences

Here, a writer must wrap up the central ideas discussed in the main body. Similarly, he should also try to demonstrate their relationship by critically analyzing them.

  • Closing Statement

The final words of the buy essay online must include:

  • A quotation
  • A course of action
  • Some provocative insight
  • Encouragement for future study

Nevertheless, always remember to connect it back to the introductory paragraph.

  • Good Conclusion Starters

Use the following examples of the concluding sentence starters.

  • In conclusion
  • Therefore
  • As expressed,
  • Overall
  • As a result
  • Thus
  • Finally
  • Lastly
  • For this reason
  • In general

Approaches to Consider While Writing the Conclusion

The following are some essential approaches to consider while writing a concluding paragraph.

Some of the do’s of the conclusion are discussed below:

  • Link it back to the introduction
  • Sum up the main ideas with different wordings or order
  • Propose a course of action

On the other side, some of the Don'ts include:

  • Do not introduce any new ideas.
  • Do not point out every single detail discussed in the body paragraphs.
  • Never end your write my essay with personal opinions if you are not writing in the first person
  • Avoid adding your thoughts to it
  • Never start it with phrases like “To conclude, to sum it up, in conclusion…”
  • Never discuss any supporting evidence in this section

These valuable tips will help you write a perfect conclusion for your essays. Refer to these for a better understanding.

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