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Essay Prewriting Essential for Top-grade Essays

The more you get experienced in essay writing the more you realize the importance of prewriting. The essay prewriting process decides at the start of how the essay is going to pan out for you. With proper planning ahead of writing the essay you can reach your expected outcome for the essay or may even better that. 

Those who start their essay without any kind of prewriting end up with a mess of an essay with jumbled up ideas and inconclusive arguments. Such students end up requesting their peers and essay writers: ‘Help write my essay’. Some manage to get out of this rut by realizing the importance of prewriting and seeking the advice of others. While others remain in the cycle of diving into the writing process straight away and seeking help from outside when they are stuck.

The pre-writing process starts with understanding the essay question, figuring out what type of essay you are going to write, and who you are going to write it for. These prewriting processes are just as important as the researching and brainstorming part. 

Here are three such prewriting processes:

Making note of the guidelines

The essay guidelines should be read just before or after reading the essay prompt. These guidelines include the word limit for your essay, and also the formatting style that you will use in the essay for citation and referencing. Any special instructions will also be presented in this part. 

Understanding the essay prompt

When reading the prompt, allow yourself some time to scrutinize it and dissect it for complete information.

The essay prompt has several parts that include:

  • The task word: the task word will reveal to you the expected type of academic writing style that you will have to produce. Each style such as critical writing and descriptive writing has its own ways to deal with the subject matter.
  • The subject matter: The subject matter is the main topic in the general whole that you will discuss in the essay. 
  • The limiting part: these are the parameters of the essay topic that will help you narrow down the subject matter for you. 

Knowing your Audience

It is important for you to know what type of audience you are writing for write my essay for me. For each kind of audience, you will have to change your writing style, the level of complexity, the essay contents, etc. 

The audience might include the expert, the beginner, or the layman. For each different kind of audience, you will have to change your writing and your essay content. 

When writing for the layman, you will have to maximize the use of indicators, transitioning words, and signposts. You will have to explicitly show the direction the essay will take before heading towards that. Also, you don’t want to scare your audience by using complex terms and advanced vocabulary.

Writing for your audience can get tricky when you have to balance your writing so that you neither patronize your readers nor scare them off clueless. Such a writing acumen will come with practice.  

For beginners, you should not be afraid of discussing complex subjects as long as you explain them with eloquence and sound logic. You will also allow yourself the use of extensive analysis and using scholarly source information.

Experts read your essay with the intention to learn and find new interpretations of what they already know. Thus, writing for experts you shouldn’t hold back on discussing complex terms and using specialized vocabulary essay writing service. Instead of introducing and explaining each idea or process, you should skip to the analysis and the evaluation part. 

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