Nebraska Indian Community College

Mission of the College
The Nebraska Indian Community College provides quality higher education and
opportunities for life-long learning to the Umonhon (Omaha) and I'santi (Santee
Dakota) people and all students.
Nebraska Indian Community College is envisioned as a comprehensive Tribal
College which values service through high quality education. The college is
distinctive in serving the diverse people of the Umonhon (Omaha) and Isanti
(Santee Dakota) Nations. It features an enriched living and learning environment
and year-round operation. The identity of the college is framed by a substantive
commitment to multicultural learning.
Institutional programs value and cultivate the creative and productive talents of
learners, faculty, and staff, and seek ways to contribute to the self-sufficiency of the
Nations served, the well-being of our communities, and the quality of life and
development of its learners, faculty, and service areas.
The overall goals of NICC are :
Goal 1: To preserve, cultivate, foster Umonhon and Isanti languages and cultures
Goal 2: To create an environment to assist Tribal Nation building through
educational opportunities so that individuals become effective leaders, members,
and citizens within local, tribal, national, and global communities.
Goal 3: To strengthen the college through open communication, transparency,
future planning, shared governance, and sound fiscal and institutional practices .
Goal 4: To enhance academics through stronger and expanded academic and
community educational programs that meet the social, cultural, and economic
aspirations, needs and values.