Educational Testing Service

ETS is a team of education experts, researchers and assessment developers who believe that, through learning, people can improve their situations in life and make incredible contributions to the world. We also believe that by designing our assessments with industry-leading insight, rigorous research and an uncompromising commitment to quality, we can advance equity and help education and workplace communities make informed decisions about people and programs.

Educational Testing Service Remote
Aug 19, 2020
Part time
Educational Testing Service (ETS) is seeking freelance writers, advanced graduate students, scholars, and teachers to help develop content for the GRE ® General Test. Candidates must have strong writing and critical reading skills, as well as a graduate degree or equivalent experience. Successful candidates will work with ETS test development staff to create reading comprehension materials for the GRE ® General Test on subject matter relating to physical sciences, biological sciences, social science, and the humanities. ETS is committed to ensuring that the people who contribute content to our assessments are representative of the general population of people who will take our tests. Having a diverse group of content developers gives ETS the best opportunity to create assessments that are fair and engaging for all test takers. Candidates should submit a short (no more than one-page) sample text that they believe is suitable for testing college-level reading comprehension. The...