Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Colonial Williamsburg is a living, breathing 18th-century city, where the dawn of America is captured in time. Our ideals and values as Americans and citizens of the world were shaped here.

We are a touchstone for the connective memories of America — past and future.

We are the 18th century “live,” with the structures that stood here, the trades and establishments that thrived here, the residents who lived here, and the undercurrent of revolution that led to who and where we are. We’re the place where the idea of our country is emerging; the place where Nation Builders are defining the ideals we stand for as Americans. The shared American story begins here — all of it: the good and the bad.

Yes, we are an historic treasure. But we’re more than a collection of buildings.

We are a vibrant community on the cusp of change, with issues, emotions and beliefs that are still relevant today. We are a place — and a moment — that must be experienced by every person who wants to understand this country and each other.

We are world-renowned experts, with a contagious curiosity. We are passionate about the discovery and exploration of America’s enduring story and are dedicated to connecting you to it and to each other.

We are integrity. We are bravery. We are fear, hope, and promise. We are the most important emotions of our country’s past, in the present tense.

It sounds like a big deal, we know. But we are also welcoming. We are approachable, dynamic, engaging, and entertaining. We invite people of all kinds from all generations.

You’ll be moved. You’ll be changed. As you step back in time and meet the people who made America, you will have fun. And you will become part of the enduring American story. Because this isn’t just a place where things once happened.

They’re still happening. You see, the story never ends. It endures.