Dean Of Students

  • Sinte Gleska University
  • Mission, SD, USA
  • May 28, 2024
Full time Education

Job Description

Job Summary:

 The Dean of Academics works closely with the Vice-President of Academic Affairs to ensure a high quality of teaching and learning across the institution. This position involves collecting, analyzing, and responding to data from instructors and students to find ways to continue improving all aspects of the educational experience. The Dean works in collaboration with SGU faculty, department chairs, and University administration to streamline processes, support continual improvement of academic programs, and develop the knowledge and skills of faculty.

 Duties & Responsibilities: 

1.      Student Experience Enhancement:

a.      Organize and execute Freshman and New Student Orientation programs to ensure a smooth transition for incoming students.

b.     Manage the weekly Freshman Success Class and associated scholarships aimed at facilitating student academic and personal development.

c.      Oversee all aspects of student wellness, including counseling services, mental health support, and wellness initiatives.

2.      Student Services Management:

a.      Collaborate with the VP of General Administration to provide quality transportation services, student lunches, and daycare options to enhance the student experience.

b.     Ensure timely setup and dissemination of Course Evaluations each semester to gather valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

c.      Plan and facilitate registration each semester, coordinating with academic departments and administrative offices to streamline the process and ensure students receive appropriate guidance and support.

3.      Student Support and Advocacy:

a.      Serve as a primary point of contact for students with complaints, concerns, or inquiries, providing guidance and assistance in navigating SGU policies and procedures.

b.     Facilitate resolution of student grievances in a fair and transparent manner, fostering a culture of trust and respect.

4.      Policy and Handbook Management:

a.      Conduct annual updates of the student handbook and related policies, ensuring alignment with institutional goals, regulations, and best practices.

b.     Communicate changes and updates to students, faculty, and staff to promote understanding and compliance.

5.      Student Association and Club Support:

a.      Provide guidance and support to the Student Association (student government) in fulfilling its duties and advocating for student interests.

b.     Collaborate with student clubs and organizations to promote a vibrant campus life through diverse activities and events.

6.      Student Retention and Success Initiatives:

a.      Develop and implement strategies to support student retention and academic success, collaborating with faculty, advisors, and other stakeholders to identify and address barriers to student achievement.

b.     Monitor student progress and intervene proactively to provide academic support and resources to at-risk students.

7.      Crisis Management and Emergency Response:

a.      Serve as a key member of the university’s crisis management team, coordinating response efforts and providing support to students during emergencies, natural disasters, or other critical incidents.

b.     Develop and maintain emergency protocols and communication plans to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.

8.      Student Conduct and Discipline:

a.      Oversee the student conduct process, including investigation, adjudication, and resolution of alleged violations of university policies and codes of conduct.

b.     Implement restorative justice practices and educational interventions to address student misconduct and promote personal growth and accountability.

9.      Collaborative Leadership and Professional Development:

a.      Collaborate with academic and administrative departments to integrate student affairs initiatives into the broader university mission and strategic goals.

b.     Provide leadership and mentorship to staff across the University, promoting professional development opportunities and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

10.   Data Analysis and Assessment:

a.      Collect, analyze, and interpret data related to student demographics, retention rates, satisfaction surveys, and other relevant metrics to inform decision-making and programmatic improvements.

b.     Conduct regular assessments of student services and programs to ensure effectiveness and alignment with institutional priorities and student needs.

Qualifications & Experience:

 The successful candidate must possess a master’s degree in education or an education-related area. Doctorate and four (4) or more years of experience in higher education programs are preferred. The applicant must be highly proficient in computer technology skills with solid familiarity in word processing, Excel, and Microsoft, Outlook, and must be willing to be trained in the Jenzabar integrated data management system. Familiarity with Tribal college data collection systems (e.g., IPEDs, HLC, AIMS/AKIS) is preferred. The applicant will have the ability to organize and manage multiple tasks with critical timelines. Abilities and or experience to solve problems, navigate complex relationships, view issues from multiple perspectives and advance initiatives forward will be highly considered. This employee must possess cultural competencies with reference to working with Lakota and/or other Native American people, tribal organizations, and education programs within the reservation.


 The SGU employee agrees to maintain strict confidentiality regarding FERPA, HIPAA, and the contents of all Sinte Gleska University correspondence, student records, personnel files and fiscal data.

 Additional Information:

 Sinte Gleska University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religious preference, age, handicap, marital status, political preference, or membership or non-membership in an employee organization, except as allowed by the Indian preference provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

 The SGU employee is responsible for ensuring that his/her personnel file is current with regard to official evidence of educational qualifications and experiences.  Failure to do so prior to start of the contract year may result in not receiving compensation commensurate with claimed advancement in promotional steps.

 To apply submit a completed SGU job application with a copy of your HS Diploma or equivalent, Resume, Transcripts, Verification of College Degree(s), Certificates, Driver License, Tribal ID or abstract.  Submit completed application with attachments to the HR Department.  For further information contact Vijayakumar Chebrolu, Human Resource Director @ SGU Administration Building or call 605-856-8261/email  Applications are available on the SGU website under job opportunities.  The position is open until filled.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.