Cyber Law & Policy Instructor

$65,147 yearly
  • Belcourt, ND
  • May 02, 2024
Full time Education

Job Description

Position Title:                  Cyber Law & Policy Instructor (HEWLETT)

Contract Term:                9-month position (grant funded)

Accountable To:              V.P. of Academics

Salary:                               $65,147 (minimum)

 Summary of Position:  Provide post-secondary, learner-centered instruction in Cybersecurity Law and Policy in accordance with the TMCC Mission Statement. Encourage a culture of learning that values mutual responsibility, life-long learning, as well as personal and professional development.  

 Development of the program (through August 2024) could be done remotely, with limited on-campus presence.  Instruction will begin Fall 2024 and will require on-campus presence (up to 40 hours/payperiod).


The responsibilities of a faculty member are divided into the three categories: teaching, advising, and service/scholarship to the College and the community.


The key purpose of the College and therefore of faculty, is instruction.  Enabling students to fulfill their total personal, intellectual, and vocational objectives constitute the heart of faculty responsibility. 

·       Classroom and laboratory preparation, instruction and supervision of students.

·       Effectively maintain and manage the classroom, through the creation a vibrant learner-centered teaching atmosphere.

·       Community instruction such as preparation and presentation of College course work off-campus, workshop, seminars, and in-service for professionals and others.

·       Measurement of student performance including the preparation, administration, grading and evaluation of student coursework, and the reporting of grades in a timely manner.

·       Coordination and assessment of academic courses and programs.

·       Periodic evaluation of library holdings and recommendations of books

·       Development of new courses and programs of study.

·       Implementation and participation in service learning/community service project(s). Community instruction such as preparation and presentation of College course work off-campus, workshop, seminars, and in-service for professionals and others.

·       Develop and follow an “Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)” as prescribed by TMCC’s faculty salary policy manual.

·       Other tasks as needed.


·       Post schedules and maintain office hours. 

·       Providing educational guidance and assistance for students by planning schedules, recommending courses and determining appropriate education solutions

·       Track the progress of students

·       Refer to appropriate resources as needed

·       Other tasks as needed.


·       Service on departmental, self-study or institutional committees.

·       Participation in College sponsored activities such as recruiting students, graduation activities, and other planned activities and meetings.

·       Coordination, advisement, and supervision of student activities, organizations and clubs directly related to the academic programs or supplemental to academic programs.

·       Development, implementation and sharing of results of college and/or community service learning projects. 

·       Initiation and/or participation in civic engagement activities. 

·       Participate in faculty development initiatives.

·       Ongoing research that leads to the discovery of new knowledge, proficiency and growth in one’s field.

·       Writing proposal for research, publication and dissemination of scholarly writing.

·       Serve as a peer reviewer for scholarly writing. 

·       Holding office or membership in professional organizations.

·       Attending and participating in meetings, conferences and conventions of professional associations.

·       Other tasks as needed.

QUALIFICATIONS (Desired Experience/Training):

Minimum Qualifications:

·       Master’s degree in:

               Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Computer Science, Law and Policy; OR

·       IT related field with at least 18 graduate credits in Cybersecurity, Law or Policy.   

·       A minimum of:

·       Three years of teaching experience in Post-Secondary education;  OR

·       5 years of documented full-time work experience in one of the above-mentioned fields.

·       Acceptance of and willingness to support the role that tribal community colleges serve in higher education and specifically its mission, values, goals, culture, and objectives of the Turtle Mountain Community College.

 Preferred Qualifications:

·       Experience in curriculum development.

·       Ability to competently advise and/or serve students from a variety of background, respecting cultural and socio-economic differences.

·       Able to implement contemporary educational philosophies, methods, and techniques including multi-media to develop and deliver instruction in classroom and lab settings.

·       Successful teaching experience with culturally and academically diverse student population.

·       Ability to teach and work with students with learning disabilities.

·       Demonstrated commitment to professional development.