Art Instructor

  • Sinte Gleska University
  • Mission, SD, USA
  • May 17, 2024
Full time Education

Job Description

The Great Plains Art Institute Mission Statement:

 We provide the opportunity for intense study of both mainstream and Native American art in order to prepare those who aspire to produce art on the Rosebud or elsewhere. With a foundation in history, criticism, theory, and practice, the program is committed to teaching from a bi-cultural viewpoint, promoting the study of Lakota aesthetics, incorporating elders’ teachings, and engaging the community.


 The Great Plains Art Institute at Sinte Gleska University offers an AA and BA degree in Studio Art with art courses comparable to state universities, but with the addition of Lakota influences and values. The student body is composed of tribal members and other individuals living on the reservation and its surrounding area. SGU is a fully accredited university by the Higher Learning Commission and is chartered by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

Job Summary:

The responsibilities of this position include the ability to deliver quality instruction to students in a variety of art disciplines on a rotating basis: 2-D Design, Color Theory, beginning to advanced levels of Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking, as well as Art History and professional development courses. In addition, this position requires performing departmental duties, and serving university committee functions.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.      Prepare and teach a minimum of 30 credit hours per contract year in faculty field of interest.

2.      Classroom design, preparation, instruction, supervision, and other associated responsibilities, both in-person and in an online virtual classroom setting.

3.      Assessment of student performance, including the preparation, administration, grading, and evaluation of tests, papers, and examinations and the reporting of grades.

4.      Maintain 15 office hours per semester.

5.     Advise students and participate in the registration process as assigned.

6.      Travel with students to conferences, events, and other cocurricular activities.

7.      Keep current and professionally engaged in area of expertise.

8.     Engage with SGU functions such as departmental responsibilities, committee assignments, and other assignments in accordance with department and/or university mission.

9.      Respect and adhere to other departmental/college/ internet service provider’s acceptable use


10.   Along with support from peers and university mentors, utilize innovative and culturally responsive pedagogical approaches to enhance student learning experiences.

11.   Input into the selection and procurement of textbooks, and other materials for classroom or laboratory use.

12.   Other duties as assigned in the performance of his/her responsibilities and as mutually agreed upon to the benefit of Sinte Gleska University.

 Qualifications & Experience:

 Ø  An MFA in a two-dimension art discipline from an accredited institution; or an MA and at least 18 graduate credits in studio art from an accredited institution

Ø  Two years of teaching experience

Ø  Experience with students of diverse backgrounds.

Ø  12 graduate credits or more in Art History

Ø  Excellent verbal and written communication skills

 Application Materials Required:

 o   Cover Letter (MSWord or PDF)

o   Curriculum Vitae (MSWord or PDF)

o   A reference page with three professional contacts (MSWord or PDF)

o   20 Sample Images of Professional Work (PDF or JPG)

o   20 Sample Images of Student Work (PDF or JPG)

o   Copy of Transcripts (PDF or JPG)

o   SGU job application

 Please submit your images in one of the following ways:

 o   A link to a website that displays the correct number of your images specified above.

o   Two PDF files (one of professional and one of student work) no larger than 5MB each.

o   One email with 20 professional sample images no larger than 500 KB each in JPG format and a separate email with sample images of 20 student works no larger than 500 KB each in JPG format.


The SGU employee agrees to maintain strict confidentiality regarding FERPA, HIPAA, and the contents of all Sinte Gleska University correspondence, student records, personnel files and fiscal data.

 Additional Information:

Sinte Gleska University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religious preference, age, handicap, marital status, political preference, or membership or non-membership in an employee organization, except as allowed by the Indian preference provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

The SGU employee is responsible for ensuring that his/her personnel file is current with regard to official evidence of educational qualifications and experiences. Failure to do so prior to start of the contract year may result in not receiving compensation commensurate with claimed advancement in promotional steps.

To apply submit a completed SGU job application with a copy of your HS Diploma or equivalent, Resume, Transcripts, Verification of College Degree(s), Certificates, Driver License, Tribal ID or abstract. Submit completed application with attachments to the HR Department. For further information contact Vijayakumar Chebrolu, Human Resource Director @ SGU Administration Building or call 605-856-8261/email Applications are available on the SGU website under job opportunities. The position is open until filled. Incomplete applications will not be considered.