• Sinte Gleska University
  • Mission, SD, USA
  • Mar 01, 2024
Full time Management

Job Description

Sinte Gleska University is seeking a new and dynamic itancan (leader) to lead the institution into the future.  Sinte Gleska University is one of the oldest Tribal Colleges in the United States.  The University was the first to be accredited to offer graduate degrees and has taken a lead role in founding the American Indian Higher Education Consortium and the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium. Importantly, the University plays a pivotal role in the lives and future of the people of the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation.

Sinte Gleska provides a range of degree offerings to our students.  For example, the university has an active licensed practical nursing program, carpentry programs and offers degrees in education, business and human services at the bachelor’s level.  Graduate programs currently include Educational Administration and Curriculum and Instruction.  The University works with Tribal programs, school districts and communities to identify needs and create programming to improve the lives of its citizens.

At its founding, Sinte Gleska University had simple, yet long lasting mandates.  The mandates seek to revitalize the Lakota Language through study and community action.  The mandates seek to support the continuing evolution of a unique Lakota based educational system grounded in traditional thought and philosophy: a system that strengthens the communities in physical, mental and spiritual health.  The University seeks to improve and support efficient and effective tribal government and plays a role in the protection and efficient utilization of the land.

Sinte Gleska University seeks a dynamic individual who brings a charismatic style with a high sense of integrity to their leadership.  A person with a deep understanding of the complexity of accrediting, funding and political systems, both tribal and national, required to lead a Tribal University is critical to success in the position. The University seeks an engaged leader who can create a safe and positive work environment that motivates all stakeholders to find common success in pursuit of the Sinte Gleska University’s vision. 

 Summary of Duties:   Responsible for the overall supervision and administration of Sinte Gleska University.  May delegate supervision and administrative responsibility to subordinate staff as necessary.

Duties & responsibilities:

Responsible for the supervision of all faculty and staff

Partners with the Board of Regents in selection of Vice-President’s positions

Responsible for screening coordinators for professional staff positions and making recommendations to the Board of Regents regarding vice president candidates.

Responsibility for the development of program proposals consistent with developing needs of the University; establish relations with other agencies and institutions

Ensure institutional compliance with Sinte Gleska University personnel policies.

Act as professional advisor to the Board of Regents in all matters pertaining to the educational,      business and fiscal, and all other policies for organization and operation of the University.  He or she shall submit to the Board of Regents regulations for the governance of the institution.

Report to the Board of Regents regularly on the educational and fiscal affairs of the University.

Responsible for preparation, with assistance from the CFO, of the annual SGU financial audit.

Assure all program reporting to granting and accrediting agencies is completed in a timely manner.

Report annually to the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council in accordance with the RST Tribal Education Code

Continue the tradition of building and maintaining national and international educational opportunities for indigenous people.


·       Demonstrated knowledge of Tribal Colleges and Universities

·       Five years upper-level university administrative experience

·       PhD preferred – Masters with administrative experience

·       Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Language preferred

·       Demonstrated understanding and modeling of Wolakota

·       Knowledge of Accrediting Process

·       Demonstrated experience in program development

·       Exemplary communication skills

·       Demonstrated conflict management skills

·       Experience with non-profit fundraising and lobbying

·       Experience with data-driven decision-making

·       Ability to travel as ambassador of Sinte Gleska University

 Confidentiality: SGU Faculty agree to maintain strict confidentiality regarding FERPA, HIPPA and the contents of all Sinte Gleska University correspondence, student records, personnel files and fiscal data.

 Additional Information: Sinte Gleska Universisty does not discriminate on the basis of race, color national origin, sex, religious preference, age, handicap, marital status, political preference or membership or non-membership in an employee organization, except as allowed by the Indian Preference provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended. Any member of the academic department is responsible for ensuring that his/her personnel file is current with regard to official evidence of experience and educational qualifications. Failure to do so prior to the start of the contract year may result in not receiving compensation commensurate with claimed advancement in promotional steps.

 To apply submit a Letter of Interest along with a completed SGU job application,

Resume and Curriculum Vita. Submit attachments to the Board of Regent Secretary.  For further information contact Evelyn White Hawk @ SGU Administration Bldg. or call 605.856.8162, Applications are available on the SGU website under job opportunities. A position description is available upon request. This position is open until filled. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  04/01/2024