Media Director

  • Sinte Gleska University
  • Mission, SD, USA
  • Oct 17, 2023
Full time Media-Journalism

Job Description

Job Summary:

 The Media Director shall be responsible for planning, development and implementation of the Organization’s Media production both external and internal. Oversees the development and production of a digital archive from the vault collection of old media materials. Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services for public relations. Directs the efforts of the media/archive staff and coordinates at the strategic and tactical levels with the other functions of the Organization.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.    Negotiate with media channels to close competitive deals.

2.    Build long-term relationships with media influencers to promote our brand.

3.   Develop short and long term plans and budgets for the media department program and its activities, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance.

4.   Develop, implement and monitor systems and procedures necessary to the smooth operation of the media department.

5.   Keep informed of developments in the fields of marketing, communications and public relations, not for profit management and governance, and the specific business of the Organization and use this information to help the Organization operate with initiative and innovation.

6.   Coordinate the appearance of all Organization print and electronic materials such as letterhead, use of logo, brochures etc.

7.  Supervise and conduct videotaping and production for forum meetings, events, programs, and taping of classroom environments and lectures.

8.   Provide creative and technical expertise in the production of high-quality programs and videos.

9.   Supervise programming of Sinte Gleska University’s You Tune educational channel.

10. Instruct and assist administrators, teachers and students in proper use and operation of video/ audio equipment.

11. Serve as advisor for school events and projects where an expertise in media equipment is needed.

12.  Supervise the development of a library of department produced videotapes.

13.  Use computers and/or electronic equipment to fulfill job functions.

14.  Prepare graphic resources as needed.

15.  Supervise the production of Live Streaming.

16.  Recruit, train, appraise, supervise, support, develop, promote and guide qualified personnel both paid and volunteer.

17.  Serve as role model for students and staff in demonstrating positive attitudes, appropriate attire and grooming, and effective work ethic.

18.   Participate in appropriate e in-service and workshop programs and attend any required meetings.

19.   Display ethical behavior in working with students, parents, school personnel, and outside agencies associated with the school.

20.   Be willing to work evenings and weekends as needed, and travel when needed unless a reasonable reason for not is provided.

21.   Advise Sinte Gleska University personnel on proper use of audio and/or visual equipment.

22.   Protect confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and use discretion in sharing such information within legal confines.

23.   Train and assist teachers, faculty, and students of use of Apple products.

24.   Maintain and provide repair assistance to Apple computer products.

25.   Perform any duties and responsibilities that are within the scope of employment, as agreed upon with their supervisor and not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation, which may include learning and training in the use of equipment and/or software's that are a benefit to the media department of Sinte Gleska University .

Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

•      Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Marketing or a Communications related field required from an accredited university. Master’s Degree preferred.

•   A prospective candidate will have a minimum of 4-6 years’ experience in media/ marketing/ promotion related field.

Knowledge & Skills Requirement:

•  Proficient with industry programs: Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign: Dreamweaver; various Content Management Systems; Office; operating on an Apple Computer.

•  Knowledge of at least basic HTML and CSS; additional languages a plus.

•  Ability to work effectively with diverse members and groups of the staff, student body, community and external providers.

•   Ability to perform consistently under the pressure of deadlines and other demands.


The SGU employee agrees to maintain strict confidentiality regarding FERPA, HIPAA, and the contents of all Sinte Gleska University correspondence, student records, personnel files and fiscal data.

Additional Information:

Sinte Gleska University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religious preference, age, handicap, marital status, political preference, or membership or non-membership in an employee organization, except as allowed by the Indian preference provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

The SGU employee is responsible for ensuring that his/her personnel file is current with regard to official evidence of educational qualifications and experiences.  Failure to do so prior to start of the contract year may result in not receiving compensation commensurate with claimed advancement in promotional steps.

To apply submit a completed SGU job application with a copy of your HS Diploma or equivalent, Resume, Transcripts, Verification of College Degree(s), Certificates, Driver License, Tribal ID or abstract.  Submit completed application with attachments to the HR Department. 

For further information contact Vijayakumar Chebrolu, Human Resource Director @ SGU Administration Building or call 605-856-8261/email  Applications are available on the SGU website under job opportunities.  The position is open until filled.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.