Native Studies Leadership Department Chair

$60,000 yearly
  • Northwest Indian College
  • 2522 Kwina Road, Bellingham, WA, USA
  • May 16, 2022
Full time Education

Job Description


Department Chair – Native Studies Leadership

(Full-time, 12 months)


OPENING DATE:    January 14, 2022

REVIEW DATE:      Extended to May 27, 2022

CLOSING DATE:    Open until filled

START DATE:         ASAP or 2 weeks after acceptance

LOCATION:             NWIC Lummi Campus

SALARY:                  $60,000 Max DOE


The salary placement upon hire will be based on the selected candidate’s education and relevant work experience as outlined in the job announcement and the established salary schedule for the classification of position to be filled.



Under the direction of the Dean of Academics, the Native Studies Leadership Department Chair is the academic, research and services leader of the department and is responsible for its overall development and academic integrity. The position provides leadership and coordination for all activities in the Native Studies Leadership Department, including setting program direction, establishing priorities with faculty members, and promoting a continuous improvement model. The position promotes and secures competitive funding to help sustain the Native Studies Leadership Program at Northwest Indian College.


The Department Chair works with other department chairs to administer the academic program for the College and improve academic services and programs offered by the NWIC. The Department Chair is expected to be familiar with key principles and understandings of Native Studies Leadership which should serve as a foundation of dialogue and discussion regarding curriculum development. The Department Chair provides leadership and coordination of the research projects undertaken by department faculty. Additionally, the Department Chair is responsible for ensuring high quality classroom instruction by supervising and supporting faculty members in the department, supporting the professional development of departmental instructors, and by developing curriculum and pedagogical practices that are consistent with the mission and goals of the College and its programs.

The Department Chair will be responsible for providing distance learning program delivery to all sites offering the Bachelor of Native Studies Leadership Program and for oversight of the development of distance modality courses. The Department Chair will also sit on the NWIC leadership team and engage in other committee work when appropriate.


The Native Studies Leadership Department will provide students a rigorous academic program bringing together contemporary education and Indigenous ways of knowing. Graduates of the Native Studies Leadership BA degree will be competent and skilled professionals and be fully prepared to serve in their respective communities or go on to successfully complete graduate studies.



  1. Leadership and Management. This position will lead the department in adhering to the College’s stated mission, goals and program outcomes and the promotion of NWIC’s commitment to student This position will work in collaboration with College administration and NSL department faculty in implementing the vision for the NSL Program and recommending refinements to the vision to the Academic Dean consistent with the desired program outcomes. This position will also initiate and participate in annual assessment activities of the NSL department. The department chair is responsible for ensuring that all faculty in the department adhere to the faculty handbook, as well as ensuring that all faculty within the department attend all faculty trainings and participate in various committees and faculty groups. This position advises students as needed and holds recruitment events quarterly. The Department Chair has oversight of the 4-year NSL program and the 2-Year CSOV Foundational Courses.
  2. Program Funding and Research. This position directly participates in the identification of potential funding sources and oversees/prepares grant proposals to secure program support and expansion. This position develops and utilizes professional networks in developing grant opportunities and This position promotes, develops and implements plans for research work in the department, and ensures that appropriate linkages are made between research projects. This position demonstrates an understanding of, and interest in, the research programs of individual faculty members, and ensures that necessary resources are secured to conduct research. This position directly oversees the budgetary process for the NSL department, communicating directly to the Academic Dean on budgetary needs or plans.
  3. Collaborative Partnerships. This position develops and maintains strong working partnerships between institutions of higher education, particularly as they relate to Native Studies Leadership. This position promotes effective relationships with NWIC’s extended sites, and Northwest tribes. The position advocates for the department with external agencies and institutions, and recognizes the perspectives held by various external publics and structures the department’s communications with these groups in a way that enhances the department’s relationship with
  4.  Curriculum and Instruction. This position works with faculty to implement the Bachelor of Native Studies Leadership degree program outcomes, including implementation of the foundational courses, in alignment with our institutional outcomes and ensuring a native framework for the This position works with department members to ensure curricular consistency and that native knowledge is the framework for the curriculum. The position leads the department to develop and revise department curricula and instructional practices; develops and reviews department curriculum; and leads the curricula review process and prepares reports. The position assists with building capacity of student/faculty research; and manages accreditation for the department. The chair is responsible for teaching at least one course annually. Additional courses taught can be compensated if outside of work hours 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

  5. Institutional Participation. This position participates in regular meetings of all department chairs to discuss and evaluate curricular issues and to ensure effective and collaborative decisions across This position works to strengthen and support research within the Native Studies Leadership department. This position consults with other faculty advisors in the department on student academic issues, including placement, registration, advising, drop/add processes, and Administrative Withdrawal procedures. This position creates and confirms class assignments and student registration (in collaboration with other Department Chairs) using student registration information. This position serves on committees that address larger academic and institutional operational and planning initiatives. This position participates in departmental and college-wide hiring processes when appropriate and at the request of the Vice President of Academics and the Center for Student Success.

  6. Supervision and Personnel. This position provides leadership and maintains a climate of open communication, collegiality, and teamwork within the department. The position supervises departmental faculty in accordance with current College policies and practices; responds to performance issues and participates in personnel matters as appropriate, in consultation with the Academic The position provides consults with departmental faculty colleagues on a frequent basis and keeps them informed of activities that impact department program and services. This position supervises faculty for purposes of performance evaluation and plans and implements professional development and training within the department based on departmental and institutional needs. The position identifies and recommends candidates for the recruitment for all new part-time faculty and staff in the department; and provides orientation to new faculty and staff.


    This position supervises faculty assigned to the Native Studies Leadership Program.


    QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED to perform this position successfully:


    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Master’s degree in Native Studies Leadership, psychology, or other relevant field
    • Two years of administrative experience including curriculum development and oversight, as well as grant budget management at a higher education institution
    • College level teaching experience in Native Studies (may be concurrent with administrative experience), preferably with experience teaching Native American students
    • Experience developing programs
    • Demonstrated ability and interest in working with Native American people
    • Strong written and oral communications skills
    • Ability to maintain professional work relationship and a positive and respectful attitude


    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Understanding and support of the co-articulation of Western and Native perspectives
    • A strong background in and understand of the relationship between the Native Studies Leadership and humanities
    • Knowledge and ability to support students in the following areas:
      • Knowledge of course work which is designed to introduce students to how Native Culture, history, language, and values will support students in helping help meet the diverse needs of the people they will serve.
      • Understanding of the curriculum in order to increase the understanding of the unique political status, rights, and responsibilities of tribal nations.
      • Introducing Schelangen (our way of life) into their professional and personal
      • Successful experience in grant writing for program support and expansion. Social Science research
      • Expertise in Human Service issues as they relate to tribes, especially in the Northwest region.
    • Experience working with a tribal college and/or a tribal community
    • Experience with the development of strong working partnership between institutions of higher learning
    • Experience working in a college setting and in a team
    • Experience with and sensitivity to Native American people and cultural



    Interested individuals should submit the following application materials directly to the NWIC Human Resources Office only.


    1. Cover letter addressing how you meet the position qualifications
    2. NWIC Application
    3. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) form
    4. Current and complete professional resume
    5. Copies of college transcripts (official copy requested at time of hire)
    6. Three letters of recommendation from persons, who are not members of your immediate family, who have firsthand knowledge of your qualifications for the position
    7. If applicable to the position, provide copies of certificates/licenses/credentials



    The job announcement and application forms are

    available online at

    or may be requested from and submitted directly to:


    Human Resources

    Northwest Indian College

    2522 Kwina Road

    Bellingham, WA 98226-9278

    Telephone/Fax:  360.392.4230