Chief Academic Officer

  • College of Menominee Nation
  • College of Menominee Nation, N172 Hwy 47/55, Keshena, WI
  • Jan 11, 2022
Full time Education Executive Management Strategy-Planning

Job Description

Position Summary:  Under the direction of the President, the Chief Academic Officer of the College is responsible for educational policy and academic programs. This includes program review and improvement, accreditation and self- evaluation, assessment of student learning and advancement of student success, academic personnel decisions, budget development, enrollment management, fiscal accountability, program and curriculum development, and the encouragement and improvement of teaching and learning.

Position Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. Administering and Developing Program and Curriculum
    • Possess the vision to guide the College’s academic programs into the future.
    • Work effectively with community groups, educational entities and tribal organizations to develop partnerships which result in improved service to the students and to the community.
    • Provide guidance to the faculty regarding the planning, implementation and review of academic programs, services, activities and related matters
    • Participate in the planning of new facilities for the purposes of instruction and student support services
    • Supervise the development of community education, contract education, library services and distance learning
    • Have experience with Guided Pathways, building collaborative programs and initiatives and demonstrated success in developing articulation agreements with universities and fostering K-12 connections
    • Promote excellence in teaching and scholarship and the increased use of technology in teaching and administration. Understand and promote the role and use of technology in the instructional environment
    • Show support of complex financial models and an ability to build a sustainable model for CMN that considers best practices yet also encourages innovation and experimentation in areas such as financial incentives, curricular flexibility, enrollment management, and delivery methods
    • Promote the 1994 Tribal College Land Grant system and the role it plays in the development of successful Tribal communities both academically and culturally.
  2. Assessment of Student Learning
    • Provide strong, dynamic academic and administrative leadership; foster a collegial environment which encourages scholarship, teaching, and learning excellence
    • Advocate and promote quality instruction, student success, integrated planning, and the expansion of Student Learning Outcomes to meet the educational needs of students in a Tribal College environment and all modalities
    • Work with the instructional staff in development of the educational program, including the maintenance of standards and assessment
    • Provide oversight of assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and college-wide accreditation
    • Act as the officer in the recruitment and selection of faculty
  3. Enrollment Management
    • Leadership and oversight for enrollment management strategies, initiatives and efficiencies
    • Plan, in coordination with other administrations and faculty, the schedule of classes and programs
  4. Accreditation
    • Contribute to the overall strategic planning, strong fiscal management linking resources allocation to planning and priorities (including data-driven decision-making), and leading the ongoing efforts of the College to meet accreditation standards
    • Knowledge and the ability to keep up-to-date on changes in accreditation standards and requirements and state agency rules and regulations and the enforcement of those standards, rules and regulations.
    • Provide direction for regulations from accrediting agencies
  5. Governance to the Board of Directors and Transparency
    • Report, advise and presents to Board of Trustees key departmental resources indicators
    • Communicate College’s potential risks
    • Be responsible for compliance with all Tribal, federal, state and local laws pertaining to all departmental matters
  6. Strategic Planning
    • Aid in making decisions consistent with the mission and goals of CMN and role of Tribal colleges
    • Participate in the development of and supports the College’s strategic plans
    • Provide a visionary and leadership implementation role on behalf of all departments, creating well- respected and sought-after department goals that support the College’s Mission, Vision, culture and values
  7. Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation
    • Establish a culture of continuous process improvement
    • Ensure excellent customer service
    • Develop, implement and administer the academic policies and requirements of CMN to ensure relevance, reliability, and completeness of records.

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