Navajo and Hopi Interpreter Positions

$30.00 hourly
  • Jeenie
  • Remote
  • Oct 05, 2021
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Job Description

Are you interested in working as a Navajo to English interpreter? Do you want to work remotely, and on your own schedule?

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the manner in which marginalized members of the Navajo community access healthcare.  While traditionally, a bi-lingual family member would accompany their non-English speaking family member, Covid-19 restrictions have disrupted this practice and have consequently made it difficult if not impossible for patients to have a Navajo speaking family member present. 

Jeenie, a mobile video interpreting platform enables you to connect with individuals in their moment of need.  You will be serving as the voice of the patient, ensuring they are able to be heard and understood while ensuring they understand life saving instructions given by their health care providers. 

In addition to helping those in need, Jeenie makes it easy for you to earn income with your interpreting skills! The Jeenie mobile app offers on-demand VRI opportunities for interpreters in dozens of languages with these advantages:

  • You can work from home (or almost anywhere).
  • You can work on your own schedule 24/7, as much as you like, whenever you like.
  • There is no minimum time commitment required.
  • There are no penalties for not answering calls.
  • There are no fixed “shifts” or committed time frames to plan in advance.
  • You don’t need any special equipment.
  • You earn extra income easily on your own terms, even if you already have other work.
  • You get to help real people, in their most vulnerable of moments.

Interpreters on the Jeenie platform can be doing other activities while waiting for calls. For this highly flexible work, we have a standard rate of $30/hour, paid by the minute. We also often have special assignments, where rates can be higher.

Jeenie healthcare interpreters must pass rigorous qualifications and requirements and be approved before taking healthcare calls.

Please note, this is not a written-translation opportunity. For more information, register with us at (no cost or obligation!) or contact us directly at

Come join our dynamic, growing Jeenie platform and start earning extra income soon!