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  • May 17, 2021
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Job Description

Request for Proposals
Grant Writing Services

Please visit to view the official RFP. 

Stone Child College ("College") is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms to assist in (1) researching and identification of potential grants that the College would be eligible to apply for and (2) providing general grant writing services that include proposal development and submission. The College invites grant writers with substantive experience in writing, submitting, and securing grants for higher education institutions to apply.

The contract will be for one (1) year and correspond with the fiscal year of the College, which is July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022.
Agreement Cancellation: The contract may be terminated by agreement or upon sixty (60) days' notice in writing given by either party. If the College exercises this right to terminate, the services allowed to be performed by a second party during the remaining sixty (60) days shall be approved by the College President. If the second party exercises this right to terminate, the Consultant must attempt to complete as many projects pending as requested by the College President.

The deadline for receipt of sealed proposals is 4:30 p.m. (MDT) on Friday, June 14, 2021. All proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and have an original signature and date.
One (1) original of the proposal must be submitted to:
Alvina Sayers
Presidential Assistant
Stone Child College
8294 Upper Box Elder Road
Box Elder, MT 59521
Questions regarding this request for proposals must be submitted in writing to Alvina Sayers at the above address or by e-mail to

Stone Child College (SCC) is a four-year tribal college located on the Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation in north-central Montana. For over 35 years, SCC has provided post-secondary educational opportunities through degrees, certificates, and continuing education. SCC stresses the importance of preserving the Chippewa Cree language, culture, and history and prides itself on promoting transfer students that are professionally prepared, career-ready individuals. SCC is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is listed in the Accredited Institutions of Higher Education published by the American Council on Education for the Council on Post-Secondary Accreditation. SCC was chartered by the Chippewa Cree Business Committee on May 17, 1984.

1. Cover Letter: All proposals must include a cover letter submitted under the proposer's name containing the signature and title of a person or an official of the entity who is authorized to commit the entity to a potential contract with the College. The cover letter must also identify the primary contact (name, email address, telephone number(s), and mailing address) for this proposal. The cover letter should express the proposer's interest and serve as an executive summary of the proposal. Claims of proprietary information must be included.
2. Experience: Summary of experience in writing, submitting, and securing grants for higher education institutions. Describe your knowledge of the regulations associated with appropriate funding sources for higher education. Also, describe in detail what your services include and any associated benchmarks or indicators that will allow for SCC performance review of services.
3. Proposed Cost Structure: Description of your pricing structure (how you normally charge for grant writing and submission services). If using a fee basis, indicate an all-inclusive, hourly fee. If using a pricing structure per project, please include a detailed price breakdown.
4. References: Provide the name, title, and contact information (email and phone number) for three professional references familiar with your grant writing and submission skills. At least one reference must be from a representative of a higher education institution.
5. Attachments: a) Attach the most current resume(s) of the principal grant writer(s) in your organization, b) Attach an excerpt from a grant you have written that is representative of your work and writing style (the excerpt should not exceed 5 pages and should not contain any sensitive, confidential or proprietary information — writing sample will not be returned).
6. Proposal Form: All proposals must include the complete Proposal Form (Attachment A) signed by a person or an official authorized to commit the entity to a contract with the College.
7. Appendices:
a. If your entity intends to use any cooperative, subcontract, third party agreement, or the like to perform under the proposal, the entity must supply the name, address, qualifications, and criteria used by the entity for selection of any third party, and the intended services to be performed. The services provided under the scope of services proposed, in part or in whole, shall not be subcontracted or assigned without prior written permission of the College, except that the Contractor may, without prior approval and without being released from any of its responsibilities hereunder, assign the contract to any affiliate or a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Contractor.
b. Samples of any documentation or form that the proposer will require the College to sign.