$120,000 - $145,000 yearly
  • Belcourt, North Dakota, USA
  • Jun 16, 2020
Full time Executive

Job Description

Position Title:   President

Salary:                  $120K - $145k (dependent upon experience)

Location:             Turtle Mountain Community College, Belcourt, North Dakota

Education:          Earned Doctorate degree


Minimum of 3 years of successful administrative experience in an institution of higher education.

  • Must include experience with educational accreditation agencies and successful administrative/supervisory experience in higher education.
  • Must have experience that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of Tribal, State and Federal policies in relation to higher education.

3 years’ full time faculty experience in an institution of higher education is preferred.

Open/Close Dates:    

Open:  June 16, 2020                          

Closed:  July 15, 2020


Turtle Mountain Community College:

Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) has been accredited with the Higher Learning Commission since 1976.  The institution is a charter member of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC), North Dakota Association of Tribal Colleges (NDAIC).

TMCC is committed to functioning as an autonomous Indian controlled college on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation focusing on general studies, undergraduate education, Career & Technical Education, scholarly research, and continuous improvement of student learning.  By creating an academic environment in which the cultural and social heritage of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa is brought to bear throughout the curriculum, the college establishes an administration, staff, faculty, and student body exerting leadership in the community and providing service to it.

Institutional Governance:

Board of Trustees – This is a ten-member board appointed by the Tribal Council.  The purpose of the Turtle Mountain Community College Board of Trustees shall be to advance and promote educational, economic and other opportunities on the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian Reservation by seeking out and appointing competent Tribal members to serve as Directors of the College and thereafter to serve as a resource for advice to the aforementioned Board.

Board of Directors – This is a five member elected board which is the policy making body of the Turtle Mountain Community College.  The Board is charged by the Tribe with the responsibility for providing community college instruction for residents within the Corporation who are qualified for admission, according to the standards prescribed by the Corporation establishment and operation of the College campus within the corporation; and the custody of and responsibility for the property of the Corporation and the management and control of said Corporation. 


The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the College and carries out its programs and exercises its policies as well as ensuring that the College’s strategic plan and operations are consistent with its mission, purpose, objectives and core values; and in compliance with tribal, state and Federal laws, regulations and accreditation guidelines.  Within the framework of policies adopted by the Board, the President shall exercise discretionary authority in carrying out responsibilities of the position.

The President shall perform the following functions:

  1. Report to Board of Directors.
  2. Inform the Board of Directors of all actions taken under authority granted by it.
  3. Perform all executive functions of the Board of Directors, such as:
    • Preparation of the agenda for Board meetings with the Board of Directors chair;
    • Conduct official correspondence of the Board;
    • Issue orders of the Board of Directors;
    • Cause to be prepared contracts and other documents necessary to carry out the activities of the College, including those contracts and other documents subject to approval by the Board;
    • Provide for the custody of all records, proceedings, and documents of the Board and assume responsibility for making them available for public inspection; and
    • Ensure that trustees, directors, and employees handling College funds are adequately bonded at College expense to protect the College from loss sustained through fraudulent or dishonest acts or any act of omission performed in the line of official duty.
  4. To advise the Board of Directors in all areas of policy and make recommendations on all matters that affect the College before action is taken by the Board.
  5. To inform the Board of all appointments of administrative and full-time academic teaching personnel of the College, except those administrator’s subject to appointment by the Board of Directors.
  6. To submit to the Board of Directors at the appropriate time an annual budget and administer the Board approved budget.
  7. To be responsible for the formulation of all reports as may be required by the Board of Directors and by local, state and national agencies.
  8. To formulate and promulgate regulations and procedures designed to implement Board policies.
  9. To represent the College to the community by interpreting and presenting the College program to the public, parents of students, the press, Tribal Council, and community organizations.
  10. To execute all documents pursuant to such authority as may be granted to the President by the Board of Directors.
  11. To prepare and submit to the Board of Directors an annual report of the operation of the College, including recommendations for the immediate and long range development of the College.
  12. To serve as the official channel for all contacts between staff members and the Board of Directors.
  13. To act as the chief administrator and educational leader of the College, who is responsible for the organizational structure of the College and for all executive and administrative duties in connection with the operation of the College.
  14. To propose a long-range plan for College programs, recommending to the Board of Directors from time to time such changes in the programs and services of the College as appropriate and necessary to fulfill the stated philosophy and goals of the College.
  15. To establish College objectives consistent with the Board of Directors approved philosophy and goals, and provide for evaluation of all personnel and programs in accordance with the stated objectives.
  16. To recommend to the Board of Directors site location and site utilization and direct the development of the campus building program.
  17. To participate in community college programs at the local, state and national level by ensuring that the College is represented at meetings of all organizations to which the College belongs, and to represent the College within such other organizations as may be approved by the Board.
  18. To review pending or existing legislation at the tribal, state, and federal level that affects the College or that may provide assistance to the College if enacted and report the substance thereof to the Board of Directors.
  19. To designate an administrative officer of the College to serve as acting President during any absence of the President.
  20. To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board or otherwise required by law.

The application must include:

  1. Cover letter describing how you meet the qualifications and experience of the presidential profile.
  2. Application for Employment.
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Official College transcripts
  5. If claiming Indian and/or Veterans preference: Proof of Degree of Indian Blood and/or Veterans Preference documentation.
  6. Names and contact information for three references who can speak to the candidate’s leadership skills and experience in higher education.

 ** In-house applicants will receive preference points per policy.

 For information about the application process, please call:  701-477-7938 or email