• Santa Fe, NM, USA
  • Jan 24, 2020
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Job Description




SUPERVISES  :           NONE

LAST UPDATED:         2019



The IAIA Coordinator of Title IX, Equity and Inclusion is responsible for Title IX, discrimination, harassment and retaliation compliance; development, delivery and oversight of Title IX programs as well as protected class discrimination and harassment programs for students, faculty and staff; providing culturally-based training, and oversight for compliance with federal and state laws.



  • Oversee the prompt, effective and equitable intake, investigation, processing, final reports and timely resolution of all Title IX, discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases
  • Assure compliance with timelines, confidentiality, impartiality, fairness, responsiveness, as required by policy; conduct a review of the investigator’s final report prior to release for all Title IX, discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases; track all complaints and investigations
  • Work closely with all departments concerning Title IX, ADA, ADEA, EEO cases involving faculty, staff and students including possible discipline and sanctions
  • Assist the college in preparing a plan for responding to recommendations for improvement in its Equity and Inclusion plan
  • Coordinate the development, implementation and monitoring of appropriate disclosures, policies, procedures and practices designed to comply with Title IX, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • Develop, coordinate and track ongoing training on Title IX, non-discrimination and anti-harassment, and retaliation for faculty, staff and students, with specialized content for investigators, hearing panel members, and appeal members
  • Develop and conduct culturally-based training sessions, presentations and informal roundtable discussions and disseminate educational materials to inform the campus community on topics related to equal opportunity, non-discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, gender-based harassment, and diversity
  • With the IAIA webmaster, maintain the Title IX webpage for comprehensive information related to Title IX and other anti-discrimination policies, programs and procedures
  • Organize and maintain complaint files, disposition reports and other records regarding compliance, including annual report of number and nature of filed complaints and disposition, pattern monitoring, climate assessment, coordinate data with IAIA Security for Clery Act compliance; identify risks and a mitigation plan; notify administration as necessary
  • Serve as a resource for students, faculty, staff regarding campus equal opportunity matters
  • Perform other duties as assigned




Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline plus at least 5 years of experience in delivering Title IX, equity and inclusive programming and training. Experience working with diverse communities, such as Native American organizations, and an understanding and appreciation of Native American arts, culture, and higher education is important. 


PREFERRED:  An advanced degree and/ or related professional certification (e.g. social and behavioral science and social work).  



  • Knowledge of culturally-based conflict resolution and mediation methods
  • Knowledge of current state and federal laws and regulations, institution policies, practices and procedures, best practices and trends in the field of higher education concerning discrimination, harassment and retaliation policies that violate Title IX, Title VII, Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), as amended, and other federal, state anti-discrimination laws, regulations and requirements
  • Command of contemporary equity, diversity and inclusion concepts and issues
  • Ability to design and deliver training programs to all campus constituents, demonstrate attendance accountability and assess training effectiveness
  • Skilled in effective investigation techniques and ability to analyze information and data to reach sound conclusions
  • Ability to facilitate small groups, build relationships and balance the multiple, varying and often conflicting interests
  • Ability to compile, analyze and report statistical data
  • Ability to appropriately handle confidential issues, content and language and act as an impartial party in managing complaints, investigations, reports, data, etc.
  • Excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills including emotional intelligence
  • Ability to work effectively as a team member
  • Demonstrated understanding of and sensitivity to working with individuals and groups representing a wide range of diverse academic, cultural, disability, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Knowledge of computers and job-related software programs


  • Work is performed in an office environment, with attendance required for campus and off campus meetings.
  • Out-of-town travel for meetings and conferences is expected using a personal or company vehicle.
  • This job description does not list all the duties of the job.
  • Though not initially expected to be a supervisory position, this position may be responsible for the supervision of assigned staff in the future.
  • Performance evaluation will include assessment of program, training and other metric outcomes as required.
  • Management has the right to revise this job description at any time.
  • The job description is not a contract for employment.