Executive Director of the Native Ways Federation

  • The American Indian College Fund
  • Remote (Denver, CO, USA)
  • Nov 07, 2019
Contractor Executive

Job Description

Position Title: Executive Director of the Native Ways Federation™
Location: Denver, CO or remote location
Closing Date: 11/30/19 or until filled
Salary: Competitive salary based on experience.

The Executive Director’s primary responsibility will be the development of relationships and infrastructure for Native Ways Federation™. The Native Ways Federation™ is seeking an individual with a strong vision and overall strategic leadership skills to establish and implement programming focused on public education and outreach promoting Native philanthropy.

This is a challenging and demanding position requiring high levels of focused attention, diplomacy, interpersonal communication, precision, and uncompromising accountability. Experience working in American Indian culture, Indian Country, or philanthropy required. This is an ideal position for someone that has previous experience with working in the nonprofit field and enjoys taking organizations to the next level.

The Native Ways Federation™ (NWF) is a federation of American Indian/Alaska Native nonprofit organizations with a national focus and scope. The Federation will achieve its purposes through engaging in three primary activities:

• Creation and implementation of a voluntary process of standards for national, regional, and community-based American Indian/Alaska Native nonprofit organizations and/or organizations serving American Indian/Alaska Native people, who are engaged in fund-raising and resource development in and/or for Indian Country.
• Establishment of a campaign that focuses on increasing awareness and commitment to giving in Indian Country; and
• Increased membership and membership support of Native Ways Federation™.
• Ensure public facing media including the organization’s website

The Native Ways Federation™ is currently incorporated under the Navajo Nation with the intent of strengthening the circle of giving by uniting Native nonprofit organizations to raise awareness and the needed funds for the communities we serve. It is with this vision that Native Ways Federation™ will assist nonprofit organizations that work on behalf of Native communities to observe the highest levels of ethical standards and fiscal responsibility.

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the long-term financial viability of the organization and ensuring the on-going operations of NWF.


NWF is open to applicants who are interested in remote working provided the applicant has access to reliable technology, an easily accessible airport, and either a separate home office or willingness to establish an office space in a shared office facility. Preference will be given to applicants from the Denver metro area where four of the seven members of NWF are located.

In the event, the applicant is unable to remote work, office space is available at one of the members’ offices located in the Denver metro area.

The Executive Director position is a contract position. The incumbent will be provided funding to support benefits. Contract conditions will be negotiated in the hiring process.

In the event that growth and sustainability of the organization requires involves additional staff the Executive Director shall hire, evaluate, and terminate such positions.

• Experience desired in related field.
• Familiarity with local and national philanthropic sector and understanding of basic concepts of philanthropy, especially in the Native nonprofit sector.
• Ability to write well and monitor budgets, to take the initiative and work independently.
• Ability to operate under timely pressure and to work with board and other volunteers and hired personnel to accomplish tasks.
• Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills.
• Strong administrative ability and attention to detail required.
• Skill in short- and long-range planning, problem analysis and resolution report preparation and presentation, and public contact and relations.
• Ability to direct, evaluate, train, and supervise the work of volunteers or hired personnel.
• Communicate effectively in written and oral form, develop and maintain effective working relationships, and maintain accurate and orderly records.
• Use independent judgment and initiative; organize and direct multiple activities; analyze and evaluate information.
• Knowledge/experience of working with charitable giving programs/models.
• Review and analyze financial reports to determine progress, identify potential problems, and take corrective action.

Please send resume and cover letter to

Cheryl Crazy Bull
Board Secretary, Native Ways Federation
American Indian College Fund
8333 Greenwood Blvd
Denver CO 80221
Or email: applications@collegefund.org

Questions may be directed to ccrazybull@collegefund.org.