Laura Pope

 5 of the Most Famous Persuasive Speeches in history: What you can Learn from Them - 2021 Guide

The world affairs are governed by political leaders and speeches play a vital role in the international arena. Leaders persuade people to take certain actions within a country. They convince the public to do certain activities like cast a vote or plant a tree to reduce global warming. Politicians are just one example other people like writers, theorists, activists, revolutionaries, and scientists unveiled and use the power of speech for different purposes. Most of the time the purpose of a speech is to inform people regarding a particular issue.


What you can learn from five famous speeches

‘The Hypocrisy of American Slavery’ by Frederick Douglass

Douglas delivered his speech on 4th July 1852 in Rochester, New York. At that time he spoke against racial politics and American slavery. There were very few people who wanted to abolish the slavery and he was one of them. His words haunted the American officials as he predicted that a Civil War was prevalent if we continued slavery.

From his speech, you can learn that he was very adamant in his decision and wanted to abolish slavery at any cost. His speech elaborated on the hypocrisy of the American political system and how it was responsible for continuing slavery. Under his command, the abolitionist movement plays a major role in ending Perfect Essay W riting. Though his activism could not abolish slavery but it created momentum and gave hope to the abolitionist movement.

‘Finest Hour’ by Winston Churchill

The speech was given in 1940 because it was a very critical time for Britain due to the start of the a World War. At that time it was only called German invasion of Poland and Czechoslovakia. It was a failure of the world's leaders who could not predict or analyze Hitler's next move. He persuaded Parliament to take a bold stance against Germany but by that time it was too late.

From his speech, you can learn that in a speech persuasion is everything. If your audience should agree by your point of view then it means you have achieved your purpose. Churchill's words were so effective that not only politicians but locals also supported his cause. His cause came to the cause of Britain and he vehemently fought against Central Powers on political, diplomatic, war front thus ultimately securing the victory.

‘Address to the Congress, 2nd April 1917' by Woodrow Wilson 


You can learn from his speech that he not only gave hope to people about better times and a bright future. A time which would guarantee prosperity and a bright future for African American. He persuaded people and tried to convince them to have faith and hope. His words were so effevitve that people listened to him across the country and acted accordingly. Those were the desperate times but his words changed everything and African Americans were granted equal rights.

‘I am prepared to die’ by Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a South African human rights activist who struggled for decades to secure basic rights for locals. Once there was a time when officials put him in jail but his words were so effective that it haunted people. After decades of struggle, he not only came to the president but he also ensured the rights of indigenous people.

You can read his full speech in order to get a broader understanding of his ideas. You can observe that he was determined about his vision and ensured that people get what they deserve. It was only due to his determination that he emerged successful on the basis of his words and persuasion method.