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So you've decided to retile that floor. You've boxes of floor tiles sitting there, you've splashed out on a good adhesive, all your new tools are sitting in your toolbox and you've even got yourself a pair of kneepads so you look the part. Now what?

The first thing to do is clean the base floor. Even the smallest spot of grease or oil can prevent the adhesive from doing its job.

You are going to start tiling from the exact middle of your home flooring. To find this, simply draw a straight line between the middle points of facing walls. Where the lines intersect is your dead centre.

Spread 1m2 of adhesive, use the notched end of your trowel to make ridges in the adhesive and lay your first tile in one of the quarters snug to the intersection. Push down gently on the tile. Lay plastic spacers at the corner of each tile to keep equal distance between each of the tiles.

Working from the centre outwards towards the walls, keep laying tiles until you reach the walls with whole tiles. Once you have covered that half of the floor, move onto the other half and repeat.

You should now wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set.

It is now time to cut tiles closest to the walls. This may seem a daunting task, but, I assure you, with your new tile cutter, it is a doddle.

With your tape measure, measure up the size of tile that you will need to fill the gap between the wall and the end of the tiles. Cut the tiles to size using your new tile cutter. Be sure to wear protective eye wear while you do this as it is easy for tile chips to fly about. Note: Remember to allow for the grouting gap between the tiles and the walls.